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Show Notes: Episode 15: Rocky Kramer

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


Hailing from the Scandinavian Peninsula country of Norway, Rocky Kramer is truly a modern day Viking, poised to take no prisoners as he conquers the hearts, minds and souls of rockers around the world! Armed with a guitar, this graduate of Metal 101 constitutes a triple threat as a composer, vocalist and formidable musician. 

Born in the 1990's to musician parents, few could have known that Rocky would inherit his parents' passion for music, ultimately transforming into Norway's ambassador of rock.  While some homes have a piano, Rocky's home had two – one for the upstairs and another for the downstairs.  Although Rocky's father was the first violinist in the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, his mother was an accomplished pianist in her own right.  At the age of four, young Rocky began exploring this massive instrument. Rocky recalls "I was fascinated when I discovered I could play a melody!"  Filled with musical curiosity, the four year old began banging out rudimentary melodies that foreshadowed the composer he would become.

Having begun writing songs on the family piano at age four, Rocky literally wrote his first album at the age of 13, his second album followed a year later, with yet a third album emerging a year after that. At the age of 17 Rocky completed his fourth album. Amazingly, each are concept albums that speak to the maelstrom that often challenge youth during their formative years, as experienced by this adroit and poignant raconteur. 

Rocky has begun touring and headlining festivals with his band as he starts to present himself to wildly enthusiastic U.S. audiences.

Rocky’s first U.S. produced album, “Firestorm” was released on August 9, 2019 by Allied Artists Music Group, together with an epic music video, picking up a Best Rock Performance nomination for the 2019 Hollywood Music In Media Awards ("HMMA").

Episode Highlights:

0:39: Rocky's early life and the role music played in it.

5:25: The worst gift Rocky has ever received!

9:12: The process of putting a concept album together

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