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Show Notes: Episode 13: Wendy Stuart

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


Wendy is an actress, comedian, on camera host, and model.

The combination of studying anthropology and theatre initiated a dramatic life change, leading her to a village in Nigeria to study voodoo. The locals called her “Oyebo”, which means the white skin around a peeled orange. Her passion for the unusual has also brought her to the Amazon where adventures included interviewing a tapir, eating reeds with the Amayra Indians in Lake Titicaca in Peru, and dancing with the Kuna Indians in the San Blas Islands.

Currently she is known in the fashion industry as an expert fit model and consultant working with major brands like Eileen Fisher, Nina McLemore, and Michael Kors Outerwear.

Her recently published memoir She’s The Last Model Standing is a hilarious, occasionally poignant story of coming to New York City with dreams of becoming a supermodel, and ending up becoming one of the most sought after fit models in the industry. “I cover the asses of the masses”. The path along the way was often rocky, but led to meeting Andy Warhol, shooting with Francesco Scavullo, and starring so far off Broadway I was almost in the Hudson River.

Episode Highlights:

2:00: What exactly is a 'Fit Model'?

9:15: The worst gift Wendy has ever been given!

11:11: Wendy's adventures during her documentary film making experiences in Africa.

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